September 13: Vantage Point short courses

Half-day Workshop (morning)

TechMining for Forecasting Innovation Pathways (FIP)

This four-hour workshop demonstrates Forecasting Innovation Pathways (“FIP”), a 10-step framework to help identify promising commercialization routes for New & Emerging Science & Technologies (“NESTs”). The process combines empirical and expert analyses within the context of Future-oriented Technology Analyses. As NESTs tend to be less predictable than incremental technology developments, FIP combines “Tech Mining” and “Multi-path mapping” to provide usable intelligence for navigating their discontinuous development.


Half-day Workshop (afternoon)

VantagePoint Basics

This four-hour workshop will take participants through each step of basic VantagePoint use, including searching on a science or technology topic of interest in a major database, importing data into VantagePoint; data cleaning and consolidation, basic analyses; and generation of a useful research profile.


Half-day Workshop (afternoon)

VantagePoint Advanced Techniques

This four-hour workshop will present three advanced text-mining analytics using VantagePoint and cmpanion software: Cluster Analyses, Social Network Analyses (SNA), and Science Overlay Mapping – to locate research activity among the disciplines.


September 14: Short course plus the Global Tech Mining (GTM) Mini-Conference

Full-day Workshops

Communicating Science to Policymakers
Marlit Hayslett and Amy Sharma, Georgia Tech Research Institute

Science and technology are rapidly emerging as driving forces in society with impacts penetrating decisions of economic development, education, environment and more.  Politicians need to be able to understand the implications of technical topics such as a broadband access, cyber-security, nanotechnology, and radar technology.  The complex character of these topics makes explaining them to non-scientists very challenging.  This course will equip academic and industry researchers with the tools and vocabulary to translate and explain emerging science and technology (S&T) issues to state and federal level policymakers.


1st Global Techmining Conference (click here for details)

The goal of this mini-conference is to advance the application of textual information to research occurring in multiple fields. “Tech mining” tools include bibliometric and text mining software (e.g., VantagePoint) as well as other visualization applications. Topics will cover case studies/research results, development of new indicators, and development of enhanced software tools (e.g., macros).